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Every one, at any age and any stage of life, will benefit from a self-defense class.  Seasoned professionals, stay-at-home parents, students, husbands and wives, daughters and sons will learn something new, discover new techniques to practice and will sharpen their personal safety skill set.



A good self-defense class will raise your level of awareness in your surroundings and will teach you a few escape maneuvers and strikes.  

A GREAT self-defense class will give you more confidence in your interactions with others, will provide you the tools to assess and subdue aggravated situations AND will raise your level of awareness beyond just your surroundings - it will teach you to think like an aggressor so that you may be able to take control of a conflict before it escalates beyond control.

We have made the commitment to provide GREAT self-defense content.

Besides confidence and awareness, our seminars also focus on:

-Armed and Unarmed takedowns

-Pressure point strikes from standing and ground fighting

-Muscle memory practice

-With and without weapons (guns,knives, and pepper spray)





Gary Merlo is an 8th degree black belt who, besides owning his own Martial Arts Studio, has been teaching self-defense techniques for 35 years.  He specifically enjoys connecting to all parts of the community, tailoring his classes to meet the needs of each specific group He is asked, annually, to provide self-defense training to Oak Ridge High School Freshmen girls and holds a regular self-defense seminar for runners through Gold Country Run and Sport.




Group classes available - great for corporate events and team building.  

Strong and confident individuals combine to create a strong and confident community.


Give us a call so we can tailor a self-defense seminar specifically for your community and situation.  

Seminars benefiting non-profit groups also available.

Only available online for a limited time!
- 2 - 3 Hour Class 
-Xtreme Self-Defense 


Limited Space Available * Offer Valid for New Students Only

*** Offer only good with On-Line Purchase ***
*Offer Valid for NEW Students Only*

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