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Frequently Asked Questions...




Q. How many times can my child attend class?


A. As many times as your schedule permits!


Q. When will I know when my child is ready to test?


A. For juniors, teens, and adults (White-Gold belts), the student must have 5 black  tips. For Lil Ninjas, the student must have 4 black tips.


Q. Who can attend testing?


A. We encourage all family and friends to attend and support testers.


Q. When do students receive their new belt after testing?


A. Usually the following Thursday after testing.


Q. What’s the blue uniform?


A. The blue uniform is for XPT students. Students are recommended to XPT by the instructors.




Q. When can I use weapons?


A. When a student becomes a member of XPT (talk to your instructor).



Q. When can students wear my t-shirt (no full gi)?


A. The last week of every month and during summer time.



Q. Are private lessons available?


A. Yes! You can talk to the individual instructors for times, pricing.


Q. Is it ok to just drop off my child?


A. Yes, During your class times.

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