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3-6 year olds

Lil dragons is a fun and engaging program that introduces young children to the discipline of martial arts. With special care and keeping in mind the short attention span of our young students, our instructors make classes both educational and appealing while building a strong foundation of respect and focus. Junior black belt is a high achievement for any child.


We believe self-protection is paramount in life. Unfortunately, news reports of violence against females are on the rise, and many women are left feeling helpless and vulnerable to an attack. That’s why we host monthly women’s self defense classes for women and girls, ages 12 and up.  In our self-defense classes, KJN Gary Merlo demonstrates the common scenarios victims find themselves in, and what to do if you find yourself in a dangerous situation. He teaches and drills vital, life-saving skills every woman needs to know to stay safe. To sign up for our next class, or to book a private group lesson, call our school today. (916) 933.1973.

7-12 year olds

WCWMA youth program is especially designed for Elementary/Middle school children. We believe children ages 7 and up are capable of performing at a higher level, and our youth program provides that next level of expectation. It’s a joy helping our students gain independence and personal dedication to their practice. We provide a supportive environment for our students to bond with each other, while thriving in their unique personalities and talents. We believe in establishing discipline, accountability, and a positive mental attitude that will carry our students through life. With a zero tolerance for bullying, your child is sure to feel safe and welcomed.


Vince Lombardi

13 & up

With our rigorous, comprehensive curriculum, WCWMA provides a challenging program for our mature students to achieve their fitness and martial arts goals.  We offer day and evening classes to fit with our high school and college students as well as parents and working professionals. Our curriculum fits any level of fitness, and we make special accommodations for chronic injuries and limitations. As with all our programs, no previous martial arts experience necessary.


Our Extreme Performance Team (XPT) is a special program for students who want to take their martial arts experience to a higher level. By joining the XPT team, students are offered the following additional classes:

  • Kicknastics

  • Weapons

  • Tumbling

  • Leadership training

  • Community Service opportunities

  • Demo Team (by invitation only)

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