We believe parental support is key to any child’s success life and in martial arts. Being a family-oriented organization, we’re always looking for opportunities to strengthen the relationship between our students and their parents. That’s why we’ve created VIP program. One week per month, our instructors invite parents to kick off their shoes and join their kids on the mat for a few minutes of fun, martial arts activities. This gives our parents a low-key, enjoyable opportunity to bond with their children and become familiar with our curriculum.

​VIP WEEK ( very involed parents)


​Sparring Days THIS MONTH..


Just a reminder all Gold Belts and above need to be in full sparring grear prior to start of class....

All Lil Dragons Brown and above must be in full sparring gear before class..







All testers Jr, Teen & Adults Gold bets and above and all Lil Dragons Brown & above 

must have all sparring gear on prior to start of test times...

Click on link for test times

Bring your Nerf guns and grab a friend for an exciting night of Nerf wars, dodgeball, and challenging obstacle courses..



Pizza and drinks included


Kids ages 5 & up.


$20/XPT members

extra $5 for same day sign-up



We believe self-protection is paramount in life. Unfortunately, news reports of violence against females are on the rise, and many women are left feeling helpless and vulnerable to an attack. That’s why we host monthly women’s self defense classes for women and girls, ages 12 and up.  In our self-defense classes, KJN Gary Merlo demonstrates the common scenarios victims find themselves in, and what to do if you find yourself in a dangerous situation. He teaches and drills vital, life-saving skills every woman needs to know to stay safe. To sign up for our next class, or to book a private group lesson, call our school today. (916) 933.1973.

Birthday Parties.... 

WCWMA birthday parties are always a big hit. For your child’s birthday, we’ll reserve the entire school just for you. With your child at the center of attention, we offer hands-on obstacle courses, bopper tag, and customized games and activities. Your child can even cut his/her cake with a samurai sword (don’t worry, it’s not real). 1 ½ hours of fun and games. You provide the food and cake, and we’ll provide the drinks, fun, and clean up. To reserve your birthday party, call (916) 933.1973.

Bring your friends and family every Friday from 3-4 pm to enjoy Bopper Tag, Nerf wars, Obstacle Course etc.... And guess what??

It's totally FREE!!  You don't need to be a member to attend! 


Nerf Wars 

Extreme Football 

Freeze Tag

Call to find out what's happening this week!! 


Click here for the Flyer




Buddy Day!!!

Once a month, we offer a special time for your kids to invite their friends to WCMA EDH for a cool treat.  Not only do they get to show their friends what they are doing, but also get to break a board with them.  The boards are free if you bring a buddy, if not its $4 for one or $10 for 3. 

Come join us for this special time and don't forget to bring your camera!!!.